Dore Paving Services was established in 1981 and has now become one of the leading highly reputable paving installers within the South Yorkshire region. A premium professional service, fully insured and highly recommended from many satisfied customers. 

Research has shown us that one of the major concerns our customers have with a driveway, patio or paved external areas is the upkeep and maintenance of trying to keep it looking clean and free from weeds, moss and algae.

As a result of this feedback and demand we developed our product, ACTIVATE. Using the product we offer a maintenance service where we come and apply the product on a quarterly basis. 

Most of our customers, old and new, have been keen to protect their initial investment of their new drive or patio and have taken advantage of our maintenance service to keep it in good condition. 


If you would prefer us to do the work for you all year round then send us an enquiry about our maintenance service on our contacts page. 

ACTIVATE is now available to buy for those customers who preferred the ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ option.

Now available in either granular or liquid form.


The special formula kills and prevents the re-growth of moss, algae, lichen and algae from exterior hard surfaces.

It has been developed using a unique formula that has been used in the aviation industry for years to keep runways and pedestrian areas clear from moss, weeds, algae and general dirt.

The solution has self-cleaning properties, it re-activates when it rains after application so will continue working for a length of time. 

No pressure washing prior to application which ensures jointing compound is not disturbed.

Quick and easy to apply – minimal fuss or disruption. 

Works in 15 minutes, then has a self cleaning effect each time it rains, so be patient. On large driveways the transformation takes longer and will be more evident after it has rained a few times.

Pet friendly and contains no pesticides or toxins.

Helps provide lasting protection to your drive or patio, preventing the re-growth of moss, mould, lichen and algae.

All outdoor areas can be treated where a ‘NON-SLIP’ environment is important. Great for commercial use where customer safety is crucial in areas where pedestrian traffic is increased.

A perfect solution for cleaning block paving, patios, driveways, brickwork, stone sets and cobbles… all with amazing results!

 ACTIVATE is recommended to be used as part of a ‘regular maintenance application’ to prevent the regrowth of moss, mould, algae and lichen and to keep your outdoor areas clean all year round.