It's very easy...

Add the product to the water (not the water to the product), stir until dissolved, (dissolves faster in warm water). Mix outdoors.

FULL POUCH (700g) + 20 litres of water (will cover approximately 40m2)

HALF BAG (350g) + 10 litres of water (will cover approximately 20m2)

Coverage are guides only and will vary dependent on how severely affected the area is.

Use neat as supplied (5 litres will cover approximately 12-15m2)

You can dilute with water to use as a maintenance application.
Coverage are guides only and will vary dependent on how severely affected the area is.


Follow the instructions are on the reverse of the packaging. These can also be downloaded here for liquid and here for granular.

WEAR SUITABLE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND GLOVES. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. ACTIVATE is a strong product and must be used with caution. Do not inhale dust/vapours. Granular – Mix outdoors.

PREPARE YOUR PRODUCT: Granular Form – mix outdoors. Add the product to the water, (not the water to the product) stir until dissolved, dissolves faster in warm water. See guide above for dissolving ratios. Liquid form is ready to use.

APPLICATION: It is recommended you scrape away any thick moss before application and remove any foliage, rubbish or dirt. Apply on a dry day when rain is not expected. For best results apply neat and saturate the surfaces, applying in a controlled manner using a garden sprayer (or a watering can – with watering can the coverage will be less). Once applied just simply leave it to work it’s magic. You should start seeing the results within 15 minutes. Severely affected areas may need a secondary diluted application. Any over spray on plants or grass simply wash with water. Keep animals off treated surfaces until completely dry (approx 5 hours).

CLEAN UP: Wash any equipment used with soapy water and DO NOT empty any left over liquid in to natural watercourses.

MAINTENANCE: ACTIVATE is recommended to be used as part of a regular maintenance application to prevent the regrowth of moss, weeds, mould, algae and lichen and to keep the areas clean. Read more about maintenance here.