Deters the regrowth of moss, algae and weeds. No pressure washing prior to application that ensures jointing between slabs is not disturbed.  Easy to use - add to water, stir until dissolved, apply and leave. Dissolves faster in warm water. Add the product to the water (not the water to the product). Mix outdoors. Do not inhale dust or vapours. FULL POUCH: 700g dissolved in 20 litres of water will cover approximately 40m2. HALF POUCH: 350g dissolved in 10 litres of water will cover approximately 20m2. This is just an approximate guide and dependent on how severely affected your areas are and the type of area you are treating. Apply on a dry day when rainfall is not expected. Application is recommended using a garden sprayer, watering can be used but coverage will be less. Once applied just simply leave it to work its magic. You should start seeing the results within 15 minutes. Severely affected areas may need a secondary application. Organic debris will naturally get washed away with rainfall. Any over spray on plants or grass simply wash with water. MAINTENANCE: ACTIVATE is recommended to be used on a quarterly basis to ensure optimum ongoing results. A diluted application is normally sufficient once your area has been cleaned.